Monday, March 7, 2011

blast from the past

The sun was shining after a week of rain and snow, so I decided to put on something floral and springy on my way to see my stylist.
Maybe it was my 70's inspired outfit, but after my trim, he decided to doll me up and put curls in my hair, and slightly backcombed.
The result: a photograph that could have been of my mom 40 years ago. I like to think that I'm cooler, but my mom is pretty dope and she can cook too. (mom: 2 billion, me: zero)

Whoa, I was standing at almost 6 feet tall with these platforms:)
Wearing: High-waisted jeans, floral tank, aviators: F21 | bag, belt: H&M | shoes: Aldo | bangle: gift from Vietnam

xoxo, amy


nicole said...

Your hair looks amazing Amy! I was going to comment on the fact that it was wavy, you look good in curls! And still loving the bangs on you too, hopefully they're not too hard to maintain (like the ones I just got lol, good grief, windy days are not my friend!). Love the floral print top, perfect for a sunny day like that. And love that you're rocking the high-waisted denim with a flared leg, that's totally coming back. Wedge shoes are the best, not only do they give you mega height, they're comfy too! Hope you had a lovely birthday btw, my tweet was a few days late, sorry! Happy birthday again to my fellow Piscean! xo

Kristy said...

what what what? tank top and open-toed shoes with NO SOCKS in March???? Wow, Vancouver and Toronto are extreme opposites! We're going to have another snow fall tonight!brrrrr... :(

We need to hang out when I visit Vancouver one day :)

Mio Tamura said...

Love ur outfit! what really got me was ur bangle!!! I have one very similar too! and I think mine was a gift from vietnam too!! and I had totally forgotten about it till I saw ur blog!!!!now I'm gonna see if I can incorporate that into an outfit!
btw I'm new to bloggin! come check out mine when ya can ;)

MizzJ said...

Cuuute outfit though I don't know how you managed to brave bare arms! It's sunny, but not warm!