Friday, January 28, 2011

justin time

For the weekend! Thanks ASOS.

ASOS Berry Quilted Purse (now on sale)

BlackBerry's camera didn't do the colour justice. It's more of a plum colour.
My apologies for the lack of posts lately. I've been feeling like I don't have anything valuable to say. But then I realized pictures are worth a thousand words. That and also no one wants to hear me ramble on about things like how a stupid crow woke me up the other day by cawing like crazy next to my window and how I tried to throw my slipper at it but missed and accidently set my car alarm off. Anyway..
Keep a lookout on purchases from my love/hate relationship with shopping.

Hope you have a great weekend loves!!

there we flash:)
 xoxo, amy

Friday, January 14, 2011

working with garvin lee photography

During the holiday break, I had the unbelievable opportunity to style for the very first time, for a shoot with photographer Garvin Lee. Of course, I was as nervous as a boy named Nelly and visions of plain white tanks and blue jeans mockingly danced around in my head.  I managed to pull together a few looks and thanks to the amazing photography skills of Garvin Lee, makeup by Sandy Phan and gorgeousness of the model Joddi Alden, the photos turned out to be nothing short of spectacular.

Photography: Garvin Lee
Styling: Amy Kuan
Hair/Makeup: Sandy Phan
Model: Joddi Alden

What do you guys think? I definitely think there are tons I need to learn still.

Happy Friday loves.

xoxo, amy.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

part of your world

During my cousin's visit from the east coast, I got the opportunity to play tourist in my own city and went to the Vancouver Aquarium. It's been a while since I've been there, but it was exactly as I remembered when I used to go there as kid Amy: exciting, educational, fun..I was in awe of all the things mammal and amphibian like living there. Also saw a fatass squirrel in the parking lot.

Highlights from the aquarium were:

A cutie porpoise named Daisy who every time saw your camera, would swim towards you and hover so you can take a picture of her.
The dolphins who put on a show for their audience.

Sea otter high-fiving my cousin.
Hatpin urchins who just looked so badass.
And in fashion related news:

Cheers to Elin Kling, the first fashion blogger to collaborate with H&M and launch a collection! How amazing is that?? 

Read article here:
Fashion blogger designs first collection for H&M
Thanks for the article, Cat!

Turtles who totally came into the picture after they saw the flash.
Wearing: Jacket: Talula | Off the shoulder shirt, studded boots, feather earrings: F21 | Woven belt, bag & bracelet: H&M | Cargo pants: Costa Blanca

xoxo, amy.

recap of the last week

1 & 2: Catching up with one of my girls at English Bay. Oh yes, we are extremely lucky to have this as our city's backyard.
3: Snacking on some matcha ice cream slushie, red bean slushie and butter and condensed milk toast at Bubble World in Burnaby, BC.
4: Enjoying the company of a rainbow during a trip downtown.
5. The lobster course at Dai Tung for a newborn's one month birthday. Although the lobster looked delicious, I did not touch it, simply because I was and am too freaking lazy to pick out the meat. (holy I am a princess)
6. The droolworthy blue ocean roll at Akasaka in Surrey, BC. A highly recommended Japanese/Korean restaurant. (no really..yelp it)
7. No girls night is complete without some fun makeup: MAC lip pencil in Magenta and lipstick in Girl About Town.
8. BFF's birthday: Partying like a rockstar at Mirage nightclub in Surrey, BC.

It seems I forgot to ask you all in the last post what all your new year's resolutions are! For those who are curious, mine is simply 'no regrets'.

And judging from the pictures above, clearly it was not to lose weight. Damnit.

Outfit post on the way!

xoxo, amy.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

it's a new day

This is the time where many reflect on the year that's gone by; laugh at the good times, shake our heads at the stupid ones, and cry about the moments we rather forget. I hope everyone can look back and learn from 2010, and continue to do bigger and better things. Personally, 2010 was a year of change and I am ready and looking forward to 2011. Things I've learned this past year:

*Sometimes it's not what you know, but who you know.
*Great people talk about ideas. Average people talk about things. Small people talk about other people.
*If you believe you can do something, do it. If you let others dictate your life, you'll only have yourself to blame.
*I like blogging and am thankful for meeting many awesome people through it.
*I take alot of food pictures.

What have you guys learned about yourself this year? And most importantly, what do you want to discover next?

Thank you to my amazing family, friends, readers and followers; you guys helped light the fire under my butt and I am throwing myself into life. :)

O ya, new year eve's outfit!

Me, Jenn, and my cousin Vicky at the Marriott in Richmond where DJ Vinny V and J-Mes spun wicked beats all night long.
Please ignore pose. Focus on details of the lace dress.
Me and fellow blogger babe The Broke Runway! (I had to wear stockings to hide the five new bruises I got from snowboarding. %?!$&)
 Me and one of my closest (not to mention gorgeous) girls, Jenn.

Wearing: Lace dress: F21 | Shoes: Aldo | Quilted Purse: Asos | Accessories: F21, Aldo, HK
On Jenn: One shoulder lace dress: F21 | Purse: Coach
Cheers to a fresh beginning!
xoxo, amy.