Sunday, January 2, 2011

it's a new day

This is the time where many reflect on the year that's gone by; laugh at the good times, shake our heads at the stupid ones, and cry about the moments we rather forget. I hope everyone can look back and learn from 2010, and continue to do bigger and better things. Personally, 2010 was a year of change and I am ready and looking forward to 2011. Things I've learned this past year:

*Sometimes it's not what you know, but who you know.
*Great people talk about ideas. Average people talk about things. Small people talk about other people.
*If you believe you can do something, do it. If you let others dictate your life, you'll only have yourself to blame.
*I like blogging and am thankful for meeting many awesome people through it.
*I take alot of food pictures.

What have you guys learned about yourself this year? And most importantly, what do you want to discover next?

Thank you to my amazing family, friends, readers and followers; you guys helped light the fire under my butt and I am throwing myself into life. :)

O ya, new year eve's outfit!

Me, Jenn, and my cousin Vicky at the Marriott in Richmond where DJ Vinny V and J-Mes spun wicked beats all night long.
Please ignore pose. Focus on details of the lace dress.
Me and fellow blogger babe The Broke Runway! (I had to wear stockings to hide the five new bruises I got from snowboarding. %?!$&)
 Me and one of my closest (not to mention gorgeous) girls, Jenn.

Wearing: Lace dress: F21 | Shoes: Aldo | Quilted Purse: Asos | Accessories: F21, Aldo, HK
On Jenn: One shoulder lace dress: F21 | Purse: Coach
Cheers to a fresh beginning!
xoxo, amy.


Garv said...

Love the 2nd point!

I've learned that no matter how much you know, you can always learn something from everyone, you just have to listen. Sometimes more carefully than other times.


the broke runway said...

I was going to use that photo for my new years post too! lol! Great spending the end of 2010 with you. Loved your dress by the way. So adorable!

MizzJ said...

Cute NYE dress! Those are some good lessons learned. May 2011 be full of happiness and fun :)

MizzJ said...

Hey! I'm not sure where you could buy locally, but I think you can find it online:

Glad you like my reviews :)

As for nye, mine was pretty chill, the bf and I just invited a few friends over and we had a massive pig-out session - chicken & ribs all the way baby haha

Kassie said...

Love this outfit. The dress is so cute. And who doesn't love food pictures??

Stolen Stiletto

Anonymous said...

happy new year love :)
gorgeous as always.


Bohemian said...

Your lace dress is stunning!!


nicole said...

happy new year amy! I love your NYE's outfit, the lace dress is beautiful and you look amazing! love the honger poses haha no night is complete without them! I actually first saw your outfit on Dianna's blog! Vancouver's a small world =) 2010 was def a hell of a year, I'm glad it's over with. I'm looking forward to a lot of change and good things in 2011! (i.e. more of your delightful blog posts ;)

wishing you all the best for 2011! xo