Monday, November 28, 2011


image from weheartit
i know life gets busy. school gets in the way, work gets in the way, friends and family wonderfully get in the way... i'm hoping to update more regularly, even if it's with little quotes like the above. has been my go to site for inspiring words, pictures, and hilarious shit. hopefully it'll keep you busy while i frantically try to update this hole in the wall blog!
thanks for all the continued love and support everyone. :*)

xo, amy.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

diy: swarovski crystal studded shoes

Before: Nine West heels

This was something we helped our girlfriend do for her wedding day. Her original dream shoes  were the swarovski crystal studded Christian Louboutins (also known as every other girl on the face of the planet's dream shoes):

She couldn't make sense of the price tag for the one day, so she opted for a more creative and budget friendly project. Put a couple of girlfriends together, a packet of loose swarovski crystals, a tube of clear adhesive, tweezers, a drink or two, and voila! As tedious as it looks, I had such a ball doing it. And yes, she looked every part the glitz and glam we thought she would on her wedding day. Beautiful shoes for a beautiful girl :)

xo, amy.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

helloo mikey


Some people start with their shoes, and dress from the bottom up. Others pick their outfit first, and dress from top to bottom. This weekend, I'm going to plan everything around this clutch. 

xo, amy.

Monday, September 12, 2011

how's your day and i say crazy

Wearing: Tank, Talula | Pants, Zara | Wedges & Bag, Aldo | Watch: Casio 

I know I've been absent, but I'm saving you guys the embarrassment of repeatedly seeing this bag and this watch on me which is all I've been mostly wearing this summer. 
I really need to start updating regularly..thank you so much to all of you who are still following my lame ass. :D

xo, amy.

* on repeat: Andrew Allen - Loving You Tonight

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

cali swagged it

Hey everyone, I just got back from my 10 day trip to Vegas and California. Did I party in Vegas? Yes. Did I have a magical time at Disneyland? Yes. And most importantly, did I shop? Oh hell yes. I still need to format my pictures from the trip, so for now, I'll leave you with the one below. :)

New shoess! L-R: Nike runners, Toms in coral (!), Nike kicks, gold chain sandals, canvas shoes, coral heels, H&M

Not pictured: my out of sight, out of mind credit card bill.

xo, amy.

Friday, May 20, 2011

oh canayea

And another reason why I've been MIA in the fashion department is because all I've been wearing is THIS:

Our Vancouver Canucks are in the Conference Finals! Thanks cameraguy for the stellar photograph; in reality, my vert is just past 3 inches. *sad

xo, amy.

keep calm and high tea

 I used afternoon tea with the girls as an excuse to wear this maxi dress. Hardly something to wear to sip tea and nibble baby sandwiches in and more appropriate for the beach, but I have a big bag stuffed with new purchases that has not seen the light of day because the weather's been so whack here in Vancouver. As I'm writing this, the sun is shining and it's gorgeous outside!! Tomorrow's forecast: cloudy with showers. Amyways, TGIF to all, and happy long weekend to the Canadians! Looking forward to the jam packed next few days! to follow:)

Doesn't look like alot for 3 people, but surprisingly filling.
Looks are deceiving. Each pot felt like it weighed 20 pounds.
High tea-ing with the girls was a refreshing change from the usual dinner and drinks.

Your choice of afternoon teas at the Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver, BC. I had the Jasmine Pearl.

[Wearing: Maxi dress, aviators, ring: F21 | Leather jacket: Mackage | Clutch: unknown | Sandals: Aldo]

xo, amy.

Photos by C. Lee

Monday, May 2, 2011

i have an itis.

What's it called when you buy something you don't need only because it's on sale and you don't really have a use for it but it's justified since it's so cheap that you'll figure it out and it'll make sense later? If you're thinking the term is 'smart girl', then yes, me too. 
Whatever it is happened when I bought this poncho at H&M for $15 back in December. I never really owned a poncho before this so I wasn't sure how to work it. I realize now, you can pretty much throw it on top of..well anything :)

And the shoes I'm wearing are the same as the previous post, but in cream. It pays to have an indecisive sister. (*thumbs up* Cat.)


[Wearing: Poncho: H&M | Tank: Talula | Leggings, ring: F21 | Shoes: Aldo | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff]

xoxo, amy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

take every chance. drop every fear

Wow..not practicing how to pose for over a month makes for weird expressions on the face.

So I've concluded...harem pants are just not my thing. I wish I could pull it off like some boys and girls because it feels amazing, like I'm walking outside in my underwear, but it just makes me look like I have a big front and back butt. Boo.
Add to the fact that I sprained my ankle twice in a span of 7 days and have been immobile, my butt looks big probably because it is.. Anyways, glad to be back blogging and seeing what you lovelies have been up to:)

On another note, I like this quote: some things are worth taking every chance for, and worth dropping every fear for.


xoxo, amy.

Really gotta work on my facial expressions..
[Wearing: Floral romper, ring: F21 | Harem pants: Joe Fresh Style | Leather jacket: Mackage | Shoes: Aldo]

Monday, April 11, 2011


Not only have I been missing in action, so has my collection of new shoes. In the last few months, I must've purchased 7-8 pairs of new loves, and only two of them have seen the outside of my home. This sporadic weather is not making me nor my pretty unworn shoes very happy.
I apologize for the lack of updates guys; once this semester is done, I'll be back. Miss you all in the blogosphere:) t-minus 4 days...

xoxo, amy

Monday, March 7, 2011

blast from the past

The sun was shining after a week of rain and snow, so I decided to put on something floral and springy on my way to see my stylist.
Maybe it was my 70's inspired outfit, but after my trim, he decided to doll me up and put curls in my hair, and slightly backcombed.
The result: a photograph that could have been of my mom 40 years ago. I like to think that I'm cooler, but my mom is pretty dope and she can cook too. (mom: 2 billion, me: zero)

Whoa, I was standing at almost 6 feet tall with these platforms:)
Wearing: High-waisted jeans, floral tank, aviators: F21 | bag, belt: H&M | shoes: Aldo | bangle: gift from Vietnam

xoxo, amy

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the only exception

This weekend I was lucky enough to get the chance to check out a fashion show, and it wasn't your typical show either (more on that in another post when I get my hands on some photos:)
Afterwards, I went on a minishoot with one of my girlfriends who not only has amazing style (check her out in the outfit below), but she made my blah outfit come to life with a click of her camera. Comparing her SLR to my point and shoot is like comparing a Lexus SC to a pair of dingy rollerblades that came with a wheel missing and a flower growing out of the left skate ; it just doesn't make sense. And if it isn't so obvious, I want a pretty camera.

she is too cute for words.
On Cee: Leather jacket: Mackage | Silk top and harem pants: F21 | Ballet flats: Zara | Aviators: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Cecilia quilted purse: Marc Jacobs

See? Big cameras ftw.
Wearing: Blazer: Zara | Dress, accessories: F21 | Boots: Anne Klein | Berry quilted purse: ASOS

Photos by Celia L.

xoxo, amy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

pic of the day

So on my weekly excursion to XXI, I noticed a trend in the store. A trend. Meaning just one. And the store is huge.

Stripes are cute and all ,but I swear I saw a kabajillion of striped sweaters, tanks, tees in there. There is definitely something for everyone! That is, don't like stripes.

xoxo, amy.

Monday, February 14, 2011

my new love


I've never been one to be obsessed with makeup. Shoes? Sure. Bracelets/Cuffs? Yes. Graphic Tees? was my go-to stop at one point. But never makeup; just a hey that works kind of look and then continue with the whole sun-kissed look all year around, all 3 years around, occasionally throwing in the smokey eye.
Until recently, that is.
I guess having a cousin who is a professional make-up artist and whose makeup always looked impeccable during her three week visit from Toronto does that to you (Hi Vic!)
Before she left, she helped stock me up with some long overdue and needed makeup.

My first MAC purchases in years. Yes, years!!
[clockwise from top left: lip pencil in Brick, amplified lipstick in Girl About Town, matte lipstick in Viva Glam 1, creamsheen glass in Right Image, lip pencil in Magenta]

Both lipsticks with their respective lip pencils give fun looks for a night out on the town with the girls or a hot date. Normally I don't care too much about lip pencils, but with such bold colours, you need to make sure the colours don't bleed out. And it's true what they say about lip pencils helping the lipstick colour stay longer on your lips; just be sure to shade your lips in lightly with the pencil before applying the lipstick.

The lipgloss has a tiny bit of colour and shimmer, perfect for layering over lipsticks, but cute and natural on its own as well.

Then a couple of days later, giving into my love for Make Up For Ever aqua eyeliners...
[top to bottom: Aqua Eyes in 3L, 1L, 2L, 23L, 14L,  navy blue, dark grey, grey, champagne, silver respectively]

Not only do they glide on quite easily, they are waterproof. I put them to the test and wore one when I went snowboarding. It snowed all day long, I got snowcrap and rain in my face from landing in awkward positions, and still the liner did not budge. I think these eyeliners are proven by the purchase of the five of them. *blush*
And because this was too good of a deal to pass up..
[mini pouch set of the Aqua Smoky Lash Mascara and Sens'Eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser]
I haven't tried the eye makeup remover yet, but my cousin said you can just dab it on your eyes, wipe and go.

So not one to ever purchase much makeup, let alone this much, I was set for a good six months.

But of course after my cousin left, I took it upon myself to go buy these too:

[L-R, MAC's fluidline in Blacktrack, cremesheen lipstick in Creme Cup, sharpener]
Had to pick-up another fluidline, one of MAC's most popular products and an adorable nude-pink lipstick that goes on abit sheer.

O right yes, and then a couple of weeks after that, my MUA girfriend and I were at the counter and I came home with these:

[Make Up For Ever Brush Cleanser and HD High Definition Concealer in 315]

Everyone needs a good brush cleaner, most especially if you use them on a daily basis. Make Up For Ever's cleaner comes in an easy spritz spray bottle and my brushes dry in just a few hours. 24 hours was how long I had to wait for my old cleaner. This was such a great find for me!

The concealer is a tad too light, so I use it only under my eyes. It does help me look more awake. A tip I heard recently about concealer is that instead of dabbing it on and smooshing it all over your eyes, dot them along your undereye circles and then blend downwards. now I realize my obsession doesn't just end with shoes/tshirts/arm stuff now. (help me.)

I will try and post some makeup looks when I get a chance, but I'm definitely not a professional by any means!

Happy Valentine's Day beautifuls..

xoxo, amy.