Tuesday, October 18, 2011

diy: swarovski crystal studded shoes

Before: Nine West heels

This was something we helped our girlfriend do for her wedding day. Her original dream shoes  were the swarovski crystal studded Christian Louboutins (also known as every other girl on the face of the planet's dream shoes):

She couldn't make sense of the price tag for the one day, so she opted for a more creative and budget friendly project. Put a couple of girlfriends together, a packet of loose swarovski crystals, a tube of clear adhesive, tweezers, a drink or two, and voila! As tedious as it looks, I had such a ball doing it. And yes, she looked every part the glitz and glam we thought she would on her wedding day. Beautiful shoes for a beautiful girl :)

xo, amy.



lauren said...

Wow what a great DIY idea! That's so sweet of you and your friends doing these for your the lucky bride. Your blog looks great and I'm now following you! I'm from Vancouver as well :)
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let me know what you think!


Christine Yun said...

I cannot believe how well you replicated this! What a great DIY project. The heels look so good! Please stop by my blog when you get a chance and follow me if you like. I'll gladly follow back!


Gaby de Modacapital said...

Love the shoes!! amazing DIY!

Romwe Online said...

fabulous shoes ! your blog is so great ,full of fashion elements, I like all these pictures you've posted , I also enjoy reading what you wrote , so I have followed you ,can you follow me ? It will be my pleasure if you come and pay a visit . Kisses . :)


Milly said...

Holy Shmoly!!! This looks so professional!!!!!
what a GREAT IDEA!!! Love it!! Thanks for posting these pics Ames!