Sunday, April 8, 2012

true blue baby

Posing for blog photos; a work in progress..
This is what I wore to a baby shower last weekend. I wish I took pictures of the mommy-to-be's outfit because her maxi dress was goorgeouss; a soft aqua-green halter top cut gown that flowed over her cute belly down to the floor. It was a fun afternoon, and we enjoyed a few cocktails and appys while catching up with friends and playing games.
I've been looking for a sheer shirt for the longest time. Everyone and their mom have the sheer white ones, but I haven't been able to find one! I stumbled upon this royal blue one at F21. The shirt is longer in the back than it is in the front, which I love. I didn't want to do the typical solid cami underneath, so I opted for a lace one that peeks through, thanks to the suggestion from the girl at Costa Blanca! The skinnies are from Zara and have the perfect stretch in them. The zippers at the ankle and on one of the pockets add abit of edge to an otherwise plain pair of pants. The shoes from Aldo are my go-to badass stilettos. The BCBG clutch and Michael Kors rubber chronograph watch are birthday gifts from some of my best girls. I may have been a tiny bit spoiled this year :]

Wearing: Sheer blouse: F21 | Pants: Zara | Heels: Aldo | Clutch: BCBG | Watch: Michael Kors | Accessories: F21, Ardene's, Tiffany

xo, amy.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

life through my crappy blackberry photos

I save a ton of photos on my phone and periodically delete them when I think the reason my Blackberry is lagging is because of this fact and not because it's a shitty phone. It's hard deleting deleting photos because I can be quite sentimental. Anyways, here are some photos that might give you a snippet of the things that ran through my mind in the last month.
The footnote version: cats, food, food, a bunny.

This is sooo our family cat.

This is him! Kirby.

Cramming before our midterm. Not that I'm bragging, but I beat my classmate who tutored me. Haii Vince!

King Crab for my birthdayy.

My best friend made me the dopest birthday cake; a ninja!

I realize round looking animals make me turn into a puddle of mush.

Hit the indecisve button on its head.

Oysters and the Suika drink: at Suika.

Platter of amazing food from Rodney's Oyster Bar: ocean salad,crab cakes, shrimp+spinach linguine,oysters. And for those who haven't tried it yet; their caesars. Oh Lord. 

My sister learned how to make quinoa. This made me a happy person because it was extremely delicious and not to mention healthy! It also cost me 326 dollars because that's how much it took to fix one of my molars after I chipped it on a raw piece of quinoa.

How we celebrated St.Patty's this year. Zucchini log house and beer.

I think I need instagram! It would make these photos look alot cooler than they are.

xo, amy.

Monday, April 2, 2012

tickets to the theatre

So..a couple of months ago, my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to Beauty and the Beast onstage at Vancouver's Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Not having a clue this was happening and under his recommendation to dress comfy since we were just going for 'dinner' and a 'movie' (I don't know why I airquoted these things, because we did actually go for dinner, and ended up watching a movie the next day), I dressed down. And then..surplise! Tickets to the theatre! To one of the best Disney movies of my childhood years! Can't wait to see Belle and the Beast dance to 'Tale as Old as Time"!! and then 'Awe shit, I really should've dressed up.'
Because everyone looked like this when I arrived at the theatre:

and like this:
and this:

and this was me:

Okay ladies, so I tried to think 'be confident, you got this.', but even with the bf's support of 'those b*tches just be jealous and cray' (maybe he said something more along the lines of 'well I think you look nice'), I know I still looked like an idiot. I'm all for dressing to the beat of your own drum, but this is the theatres we're talking about!
'You could've at least done without the fishnet stockings b' Oh hayy, thanks boyfriend.

xo, amy.