Wednesday, April 4, 2012

life through my crappy blackberry photos

I save a ton of photos on my phone and periodically delete them when I think the reason my Blackberry is lagging is because of this fact and not because it's a shitty phone. It's hard deleting deleting photos because I can be quite sentimental. Anyways, here are some photos that might give you a snippet of the things that ran through my mind in the last month.
The footnote version: cats, food, food, a bunny.

This is sooo our family cat.

This is him! Kirby.

Cramming before our midterm. Not that I'm bragging, but I beat my classmate who tutored me. Haii Vince!

King Crab for my birthdayy.

My best friend made me the dopest birthday cake; a ninja!

I realize round looking animals make me turn into a puddle of mush.

Hit the indecisve button on its head.

Oysters and the Suika drink: at Suika.

Platter of amazing food from Rodney's Oyster Bar: ocean salad,crab cakes, shrimp+spinach linguine,oysters. And for those who haven't tried it yet; their caesars. Oh Lord. 

My sister learned how to make quinoa. This made me a happy person because it was extremely delicious and not to mention healthy! It also cost me 326 dollars because that's how much it took to fix one of my molars after I chipped it on a raw piece of quinoa.

How we celebrated St.Patty's this year. Zucchini log house and beer.

I think I need instagram! It would make these photos look alot cooler than they are.

xo, amy.

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