Tuesday, November 30, 2010

natural born ninjas

A casual outfit I wore out for a night of drinks and singing tunes. What else would you wear if you were going to break out in song and dance complete with a cartwheel? I didn't do one, but if I had to, I would've been ready. Oh for sure.

This outfit was neutral and understated but I'm a believer that it's all in the details; the shimmer in the shirt, the grommets and woven detail on the hobo bag, a pair of sleek boots, and my new favourite ring from F21 gifted to me by my sister, made this look slightly more than ordinary.

Wearing: Leather jacket: Zara | Sparkly shirt, matte leggings, accessories: F21 | Scarf & tank: unknown | Hobo bag: Aldo | Boots: Alfani | Nails: OPI's Lincoln Park after Midnight

On another note, wow my hair looks horrendous. It's been dry, tangly and so flat that I've resorted to tying it up like I'm ready to go to bed (refer to above pic).
So good thing I had an appointment with my stylist yesterday. I finally took the plunge and got a cut I've been contemplating about for several months now! I am such a chicken!
Now without further a due, please meet the 15-year old version of me:

I got bangs! I know..it's not like I hacked off 8 inches or dyed it ruby red, but my hair is my security blanket and changing it scares the shit out of me. I'm sure that's why it took me ages to finally do it. I even backed out while in the salon and opted to just do side swept bangs. Big heavy side ones though! I reasoned. But my stylist and friend whom I've known for years, simply said no, we're doing it today. That's all the convincing I needed. And to make it as dramatic as possible, he took a chunk of my hair and ninja chopped it in one fell swoop.
As nervous as I was, he did an amazing job and my fringe turned out better than I hoped for. It'll be fun trying to play with different looks now:)

A real picture of me freaking out. I am so dramatic.

p.s: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on tonight at 10pm ET! I'll be in class, but feel free to twitter me with updates on the show and if 3,000 crunches per day is enough to get abs like that. Thank you.

xoxo, amy.

Monday, November 29, 2010

weekend recap

1. I had to stop and take pictures of this. There was something so beautiful about these minature maple leaves.
2. Off the runway of the Romeo+Juliet fashion show. The print on this dress was gorgeous. Post on the show will follow soon:)
3. Seafood Japchae at Chung Dam Anh on Robson. I love the Korean style glass noodles, but this restaurant's version had me at sizzle.
4. Me and some of my volleyball teammates celebrating our victory at Chung Dam Anh. So odd that I've never been to this place before and then end up there two nights in a row. This was what was left of our soju/sake/beer diet before we left to belt out some tunes at a karaoke bar.
5. Playing in a high caliber tournament the morning after the karaoke bar :/
6. McDonalds' promo. My first, and probably last free coffee from there. It tasted like pooh.
7. Winding down with the girls and a delicious home cooked meal after a busy weekend. One of our girlfriends cooked us roasted chicken.
8. Capping the weekend off with a tablespoon of Breyers' Vanilla ice cream. Any more and my stomach would've hated me.

xoxo, amy.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

just as long as your love don't change



How I wish I took a picture of the mini blizzard we had here in Vancouver a couple of days ago. I gave up on trying to take pictures outdoors and instead, resorted to an underground parkade. It's funny; as soon as a singular snowflake comes down, I (among some) freak out and wonder: should I call work and say it's too crazy out there and that I can't make it in? Should I just skip school? Should I cancel everything that has to do with walking out the front door? Yes, you laugh but the knee-slapper part is your employer, professor, and friends usually all understand. We are so weak, so weak ;)

This is what I wore out to a girlfriend's dinner yesterday. She just came back from a long trip to Asia. We celebrated her homecoming with yogurt soju, delicious Korean food, and hilarious topics of conversation.  In moments like that, I wish I had video clips and not just pictures.

Wearing: Cardigan: UB | Dress, socks, accessories: F21 | Tights: UO | Bag: H&M | Boots: Aldo

xoxo, amy.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

recap of the last week

1. Creola - mmm...spicy Italian chorizo sausage sauteed with garlic in a classic marinara sauce. This was my portion/dish. Needless to say, I had it for three meals. And I enjoyed every morsel of it. I probably could've had it for 5 meals but my sisters stole some. haha
2. Pepperoni Pizza - both dishes from Neighbour's Restaurant on Victoria Drive. The food is great and the staff really does make you feel at home.
3. Mango ice cream cake from La Casa Gelato on Clark Drive for our friend Andrew's birthday. This was such a delicious, delicious cake!
4. Sliced beef, a component of a Vietnamese dish called Bò Nhúng Dấm, at Song Huong on Nanaimo Street. After years and years of eating Vietnamese food, this is the first time I've had this hot pot style dish. The beef's cooked in a vinegar type base, then rolled up with herbs and other vegetables in thin rice paper. It's similar to a salad roll but with beef instead. So good, I am definitely going to have this again.
5. My sad finished product.
6. The rest of my week: work and passing out from copious amounts of extra-strength NeoCitran.

Sorry for the lack-of-outfit post. Starting my day while it's still dark outside and coming home late leaves no time to take decent pictures! Also, I've been in garbage pajamas all weekend and no one wants to see that either. :)

xoxo, amy.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

buckets of sunshine

It's a double edged sword. In Raincouver; where anytime of any day in any season we can expect precipitation. It's a double edged sword because most of the time, rain blows. Except for when you have awesome rainboots!

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I headed down to the Army & Navy on Hastings St. because we heard they had some good looking boots. It was that time of the year and she was contemplating on picking up some rain boots. If Disneyland was made of squishy vibrant coloured extremely affordable footwear, this is probably what it would look like:

It definitely looked like there was almost something for everyone. Even though most of them are not insulated, it's nothing a pair of toasty knee high socks won't fix. And you'll stay cute and look warm all at the same time.

Not sure which boot to pick? Maybe I can help you narrow down the choices..

Do you like all things cute and sweet? How about these boots?

the pair my sister almost bought. 

Do you like the 70’s hippie style, or upholstered plastic chairs? (hehe jk) Then perhaps these are your kind of boots:
cool, funky print.

Are you a fan of abstract images, or reading between the lines? Check these out:

These boots were extra special. Check out the sweater lining at the top! (I really liked these, but keep strolling for my favourites:)

And for the feline lovers:


But my favourites were..

 nom nom
too adorable:)

Being a foodie, these watermelon galoshes totally caught my eye. The cute colour, the buckled detail, the print of a refreshing fruit that can help you lose weight because it's full of water even though it's pretty high in the glycemic index...what's not to love? My sister can tell you; I walked around and around in them, wondering if I should pick them up. At the end, I walked away because I think my heart truly belongs to these:

Or these..
 And or these:

Hunter Boots, approx. $165CDN

Okay I am still deciding.
I bet I'd think better pacing back and forth wearing a pair of watermelon boots though.  :D

All rain boots at Army&Navy are on sale for $29.99 each. Amazing

The end: my sis ended up scratching the rainboots idea and got these instead:

Cute, rugged looking and oh so affordable: Breckelle's $39.99

Oh yeah, and if you like circles, then these are made for you:

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I’ve taken a temporary Marketing job and it’s keeping me insanely busy. That, and I'm sick while working 10 hour days. I know I've just started blogging, but in this week, I've already missed it and you guys. Hope you loves have a great weekend.

and the hunt for the perfect pair of yellow rain boots continues...

xoxo, amy.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

recap of the last week

1+2: Beef brisket and wontons in spicy soup, salty peppery chicken at Beefy Beef Noodle on Main.
3: Sushi and sake at Sushi Oyama in Burnaby
4: Getting lost in baby Noah's dark grey eyes.
5: Late night munchies at the new Denny's in Abbotsford. Yes, first Denny's there, ever.
6: View from above at Republic on Granville.
7: Gladiators, rum and coke.
8: Hangin with the girls. DJ J-swing was playing old school R&B. Doesn't get better than that.

Good food, good company. I always say I'm happiest when I'm surrounded by food and loved ones:)

O ya, outfit:
Haha sorry for the cheesy grin guys. Sometimes, it's just weird to take a picture by yourself, right?;)
Here's a laid back look for the bar. I wish I had a better outfit to show you guys. Ooh, and I really like the back of that girl's dress in the first pic!

Wearing: Tank, matte leggings and sequin bra: F21 | Clutch: Nine West | Accessories: from HK | Shoes: Aldo's McCorkle (these are the ones from the last post that didn't really show up. They are so comfortable, I got them in grey too:)

xoxo, amy.

Friday, November 12, 2010

big spender

No, not really. Quite the opposite in fact. This weekend, Urban Behaviour and Costa Blanca are both having their annual friends and family event. From Friday, November 12th to Monday, November 15th, you'll receive 50% off everything in the store.


Hoping to beat the rush, I went to UB today and it was Christmas holidays bizzee in there. With no change rooms open due to the event, I had to slip things on over my sweatshirt in hopes that it'll look better at home.
Tip: wear a thin top when you go to these things. How I don't remember this by now is beyond me. haha

Anyway, 2.5 hours later, I came home with these pretty things:

L-R: Floral ruffle top: UB | Shredded cardigan: UB | Blue feather earrings: UB | Trouser pants: F21 | Feather earrings: F21

Close-up of the floral top. Have yet to truly try this on, but the colour, print and ruffles? I made a beeline for it. $14.90
The cobalt blue colour caught me eye and after 50%, it was only $2.90. Will look light years better after I remove the rhinestone strings!
First thing I grabbed in the store. Love the shredded, broken look of the cardigan. $17.90
Okay, too broken. I didn't realize how big that hole was in the cardigan until I took this pic. I probably did this to myself when I tried to force it on top of my sweatshirt. hah

I ended up skipping Costa Blanca because it was packed to the brim in there. Oh, and it looked like there was only one mirror.

Finally jumping on the trouser wagon, I went to check out Zara. I thought I found the perfect one! Navy blue, hem looks good rolled up and down and a cute paperbag waist that just begs to be shown off. But when I turned around, (and ladies, always turn around) it made me look like I had a huge butt (and not the good kind). I should've taken a pic so you guys can laugh at my expense..

I ended the day with a routine stop at F21 and found a slim fit pair for $23.90. The waist detail is so adorable and best of all, the pants don't make my butt look big-ger. Yay.

And because I all of a sudden developed an obsession for feather earrings, I picked up another pair. hehe $4.90
The fact that they didn't look perfect made me want to buy them more.

So my grand total came out to be about $70. Not bad for a starving student;) Hope you guys are able to find some great things! Happy weekend loves!

xoxo, amy.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

you don't know jacquard

Sometimes, the best place to shop is in your own closet. I forgot all about this skirt that I bought last spring. The jacquard print is perfect for fall and adds just that much more class to an otherwise average skirt. The jacket is a purchase I made from fellow blogger Kristy, who just recently opened an online store. All proceeds from her blog shop will go towards the victims of the tsunami and volcano eruption in Indonesia, via Red Cross Canada. She is a major sweetheart with killer classic style, so be sure to check her out:)
I love absolutely everything about this jacket: the zippers, the cut, the colour, the suede..I can see this going with so many items in my closet. Today, it will be rocker chic. (Thanks Kristy!)
Sorry about the brightness..the light just doesn't do the skirt justice.

Ack. And I'll get a better shot of the shoes in another post. :)
Wearing: Jacket, skirt: H&M | Tank, accessories: F21 | Tights: Joe Fresh | Shoes: Aldo

xoxo, amy.