Tuesday, November 30, 2010

natural born ninjas

A casual outfit I wore out for a night of drinks and singing tunes. What else would you wear if you were going to break out in song and dance complete with a cartwheel? I didn't do one, but if I had to, I would've been ready. Oh for sure.

This outfit was neutral and understated but I'm a believer that it's all in the details; the shimmer in the shirt, the grommets and woven detail on the hobo bag, a pair of sleek boots, and my new favourite ring from F21 gifted to me by my sister, made this look slightly more than ordinary.

Wearing: Leather jacket: Zara | Sparkly shirt, matte leggings, accessories: F21 | Scarf & tank: unknown | Hobo bag: Aldo | Boots: Alfani | Nails: OPI's Lincoln Park after Midnight

On another note, wow my hair looks horrendous. It's been dry, tangly and so flat that I've resorted to tying it up like I'm ready to go to bed (refer to above pic).
So good thing I had an appointment with my stylist yesterday. I finally took the plunge and got a cut I've been contemplating about for several months now! I am such a chicken!
Now without further a due, please meet the 15-year old version of me:

I got bangs! I know..it's not like I hacked off 8 inches or dyed it ruby red, but my hair is my security blanket and changing it scares the shit out of me. I'm sure that's why it took me ages to finally do it. I even backed out while in the salon and opted to just do side swept bangs. Big heavy side ones though! I reasoned. But my stylist and friend whom I've known for years, simply said no, we're doing it today. That's all the convincing I needed. And to make it as dramatic as possible, he took a chunk of my hair and ninja chopped it in one fell swoop.
As nervous as I was, he did an amazing job and my fringe turned out better than I hoped for. It'll be fun trying to play with different looks now:)

A real picture of me freaking out. I am so dramatic.

p.s: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on tonight at 10pm ET! I'll be in class, but feel free to twitter me with updates on the show and if 3,000 crunches per day is enough to get abs like that. Thank you.

xoxo, amy.


Anonymous said...

keep up this blog ames! love the clothes, love the bangs, love your face. xo

Amy Kay said...

@thenadia: thank you love! and the same to you; keep up your beautiful writing and spirit.

adela said...

yay!!! finally got some bangs on ya girl!!! :D

you look amazinggg and if possible, even more gorgeous!

nicole said...

the bangs look great!! way to take the plunge!! can't help but agree with adela up there ;) you look amazing! changing hair can be so liberating - i love it!

Amy Kay said...

aww! you girls are so supportive:) i can't believe it took me half a year to muster up the guts to do it!

nicole said...

haha it's okay, I think it took me all 26 years of my life to finally change my hair colour and make it lighter so it's all good! I wish I could pull off those bangs!

nicole said...

thanks for your comment amy! i really owe it all to pat though, he's a great photographer.

i just realized that i got so carried away with your new haircut i didn't comment on your outfit! my bad haha.

i love the liquid leggings, stripes and leather jacket combo and those boots are awesome. i'm always saying how hard it is to find a good pair of flat boots that are simple and classic without too many embellishments. i love the two buckled straps at the top, the perfect amount of detail without going overboard. and your woven bag is really similar to this one i saw at the bay earlier tonight by deux lux, except for some reason it was around $160. deux lux at UO was always around $60 so ...ok i'm rambling, hahaha sorry! btw i added you to my blogroll. we can never have too many fashion bloggers in vancouver and your posts are hilarious.


the broke runway said...

Donald probably got so much enjoyment out of watching you squirm! lol. Great haircut!

the broke runway said...

Btw, you HAVE to blog your Value Village items! I always love seeing the fashion treasures that others dig up from there ;P

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

the full on bangs look good on you. i need to get my haircut soon too =/


the-caramel-lady said...

Nice blog. I hope you will visit my blog:)x

Amy Kay said...

@thebrokerunway: i will post items soon! :D
@janelle: thanks love. ooh please post your 'do afterwards. i love seeing what others do to their hair:)
@thecaramellady: thank you, will come visit you:)

xoxo, amy.

Kristy said...

Such a simple yet striking casual look :) I love the white-beige (glittered?!?!?!) striped top with the lame leggings :)

Welcome to the blunt bangs club :) They're high maintenance but they add a character to your look :)


MizzJ said...

hahah that photo is hilarious! Srsly though, the bangs suit you! I had them awhile ago, but I think to pull it off, you really need nice long hair like yours. Mine was like shoulder-length so I looked like a young Asian version of Angelica Huston LOL