Tuesday, November 2, 2010

nails vs nails

I was extra lame this year and didn't really participate in any Halloween events. So instead, I decided to paint my nails to ring in the festivities. I played around with a few colours, and this is what I got:

Oh man I thought I was so cool; drawing a little ghost that went boo! and a tombstone. All with just a toothpick too! That is, until I saw what one of my girlfriend’s did…
HOLY CRAP. Her nails kicked my nails’ asses. If there was ever a thumb war, she would break mine off, eat it, and rub her tummy like it was delicious even though it was a thumb that she just ate. She did such an amazing job, and with just an old eyeliner brush too.

Amyway, if any of you guys are interested in how I did mine, *sad face* here are the polishes and other tools that I used:
L-R: OPI's Base Coat, Joe's Gunmetal, Nicole by OPI's Freshly Squeezed, Nicole by OPI's Show You Care, OPI's Black Onyx

 Cotton pad and tissue for mistakes, paper for practicing drawings, and loser toothpick.

xoxo, amy.

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