Friday, November 12, 2010

big spender

No, not really. Quite the opposite in fact. This weekend, Urban Behaviour and Costa Blanca are both having their annual friends and family event. From Friday, November 12th to Monday, November 15th, you'll receive 50% off everything in the store.


Hoping to beat the rush, I went to UB today and it was Christmas holidays bizzee in there. With no change rooms open due to the event, I had to slip things on over my sweatshirt in hopes that it'll look better at home.
Tip: wear a thin top when you go to these things. How I don't remember this by now is beyond me. haha

Anyway, 2.5 hours later, I came home with these pretty things:

L-R: Floral ruffle top: UB | Shredded cardigan: UB | Blue feather earrings: UB | Trouser pants: F21 | Feather earrings: F21

Close-up of the floral top. Have yet to truly try this on, but the colour, print and ruffles? I made a beeline for it. $14.90
The cobalt blue colour caught me eye and after 50%, it was only $2.90. Will look light years better after I remove the rhinestone strings!
First thing I grabbed in the store. Love the shredded, broken look of the cardigan. $17.90
Okay, too broken. I didn't realize how big that hole was in the cardigan until I took this pic. I probably did this to myself when I tried to force it on top of my sweatshirt. hah

I ended up skipping Costa Blanca because it was packed to the brim in there. Oh, and it looked like there was only one mirror.

Finally jumping on the trouser wagon, I went to check out Zara. I thought I found the perfect one! Navy blue, hem looks good rolled up and down and a cute paperbag waist that just begs to be shown off. But when I turned around, (and ladies, always turn around) it made me look like I had a huge butt (and not the good kind). I should've taken a pic so you guys can laugh at my expense..

I ended the day with a routine stop at F21 and found a slim fit pair for $23.90. The waist detail is so adorable and best of all, the pants don't make my butt look big-ger. Yay.

And because I all of a sudden developed an obsession for feather earrings, I picked up another pair. hehe $4.90
The fact that they didn't look perfect made me want to buy them more.

So my grand total came out to be about $70. Not bad for a starving student;) Hope you guys are able to find some great things! Happy weekend loves!

xoxo, amy.


clownfishie said...

amy!!! it's donna! brian's girlfriend =)

brian just told me about your blog and i love it! you definately look gorgeous and pretty in all your photos just like a model! keep up the good work! i'll be following you now :*)

add me on fb! <3

Amy Kay said...

hi donna!! aww thank you. i am just starting;) you look beautiful in that pic:) will look for you on fb!

katie said...

I was totally eyeing the floral top, but alas, they did not have my size :( I did manage to take advantage of the sale though. On another note, you have a lovely blog and great style!

Amy Kay said...

hi katie! aww i'm sorry to hear you couldn't find your size, but i'm glad to hear you found other stuff. do share:) and thank you for being a sweetheart:)

Kristy said...

$70 for everything??? You just got yourself some sweet deals ;) I went to CB because I can't stand UB (for some reasons, hahaha..) I came out with a cardigan and a belt. Oh yea!

You must debut these pieces on the blog soon. I can totally see you wearing all of them in 1 outfit :)