Wednesday, November 3, 2010

to enjoy the sunshine you gotta trek through the rain

     Wearing: Leather jacket: Zara | Hoody,boots & rings: F21 | Leggings: Aristocrat | Tank: Men's  Hanes

I love details, especially zippersss
Close-up of mine and Chima's feet.
Bum. And the leggings have pockets.
What I wore to school the other day. A simple outfit, but I'm all about being comfortable when in class. Nothing sucks more than sitting in a 3-hour lecture wearing something that restricts your breathing to survival minimum. The leather jacket is from a couple of years ago and soft like butter. It's a little big, but I love the fact that I can layer something thick underneath it. Since then, Zara's selection of leather jackets have improved and still totally affordable. Time for another? Well, this one is a little big...

So what do business students do after they finish a case study on Stella Artois? Their prof takes them to the pub and buys a couple of pitchers. Okay fine, just my prof but that's because she's awesome. And as if my night couldn't get better, I arrive home to this lovely surprise:
Pulled pork sammich and FRIES. I love you moo!
Yes, I am rubbing it all in. I had a great day! Oh wait, except for 1) the fact that while I was in the midst of taking my outfit pics, my dad opened the door to see what I was up to. I didn't know what to say so I pretended to play with my shoes *embarrassed*..when I bent down, 2) Chima thought I wanted to play and got all excited. She dirtied my pants and shoes with mud crap..Okay fine, easily washable, but I felt bad about rubbing in my great day and tasty surprise.
Great day, and tasty surprise.
Hello Dog. Let's pretend to play so Dad doesn't think I'm weird.
Damn it Chima, I said pretend.
 xoxo, amy.


Kristy said...

Amen to wearing comfortable clothing when you have to sit for a looooong time. That's why I don't really like wearing pencil skirts and fitted button-down shirts to work. I just can't breathe in them! Maybe I'm just a fatty :p

Anyways, love the layering in this look and those jeggings look amazing (just like jeans!)

At my previous house, my neighbors often caught me taking pictures. EMBARRASSING. One time, a car drove in to our shared alleyway. I was using the self-timer, so when I ran to get the tripod, the timer stopped and snapped a pic of me grabbing the tripod, hahahaha... I wrote a post about that with pictures on my blog :p

veronicaa said...

I love your boots and jacket!
This whole outfit is great.

XO Veronica
my passion for fashion blog

Julia said...

i have jeggings similar to yours! cept mine have horizontal slits all down the front.. and my bum does not look anything like that (oh hi!) ;)

- juju

Amy Kay said...

@Kristy: haha you are not a fatty, silly girl! but that made me laugh:p and ya I remember reading the post about the neighbours on your blog! I'm happy you found a safe haven to take your pics now! i'm thinking of taking pics in the garage now that it's pouring out:/

@Veronica: thanks girl! i've visited your last post and loved all your picks on the fall essentials:)

@Julia: welcome to the blogging world! I bet your bum looks gorgeous in the jeggings. hehe xoxo pweek