Saturday, November 20, 2010

buckets of sunshine

It's a double edged sword. In Raincouver; where anytime of any day in any season we can expect precipitation. It's a double edged sword because most of the time, rain blows. Except for when you have awesome rainboots!

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I headed down to the Army & Navy on Hastings St. because we heard they had some good looking boots. It was that time of the year and she was contemplating on picking up some rain boots. If Disneyland was made of squishy vibrant coloured extremely affordable footwear, this is probably what it would look like:

It definitely looked like there was almost something for everyone. Even though most of them are not insulated, it's nothing a pair of toasty knee high socks won't fix. And you'll stay cute and look warm all at the same time.

Not sure which boot to pick? Maybe I can help you narrow down the choices..

Do you like all things cute and sweet? How about these boots?

the pair my sister almost bought. 

Do you like the 70’s hippie style, or upholstered plastic chairs? (hehe jk) Then perhaps these are your kind of boots:
cool, funky print.

Are you a fan of abstract images, or reading between the lines? Check these out:

These boots were extra special. Check out the sweater lining at the top! (I really liked these, but keep strolling for my favourites:)

And for the feline lovers:


But my favourites were..

 nom nom
too adorable:)

Being a foodie, these watermelon galoshes totally caught my eye. The cute colour, the buckled detail, the print of a refreshing fruit that can help you lose weight because it's full of water even though it's pretty high in the glycemic index...what's not to love? My sister can tell you; I walked around and around in them, wondering if I should pick them up. At the end, I walked away because I think my heart truly belongs to these:

Or these..
 And or these:

Hunter Boots, approx. $165CDN

Okay I am still deciding.
I bet I'd think better pacing back and forth wearing a pair of watermelon boots though.  :D

All rain boots at Army&Navy are on sale for $29.99 each. Amazing

The end: my sis ended up scratching the rainboots idea and got these instead:

Cute, rugged looking and oh so affordable: Breckelle's $39.99

Oh yeah, and if you like circles, then these are made for you:

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I’ve taken a temporary Marketing job and it’s keeping me insanely busy. That, and I'm sick while working 10 hour days. I know I've just started blogging, but in this week, I've already missed it and you guys. Hope you loves have a great weekend.

and the hunt for the perfect pair of yellow rain boots continues...

xoxo, amy.


juju said...

the watermelon boots are soooo cute!!!

Susan said...

I want the green Hunter boots, something about it screams Lady of the Forest. C: