Monday, November 29, 2010

weekend recap

1. I had to stop and take pictures of this. There was something so beautiful about these minature maple leaves.
2. Off the runway of the Romeo+Juliet fashion show. The print on this dress was gorgeous. Post on the show will follow soon:)
3. Seafood Japchae at Chung Dam Anh on Robson. I love the Korean style glass noodles, but this restaurant's version had me at sizzle.
4. Me and some of my volleyball teammates celebrating our victory at Chung Dam Anh. So odd that I've never been to this place before and then end up there two nights in a row. This was what was left of our soju/sake/beer diet before we left to belt out some tunes at a karaoke bar.
5. Playing in a high caliber tournament the morning after the karaoke bar :/
6. McDonalds' promo. My first, and probably last free coffee from there. It tasted like pooh.
7. Winding down with the girls and a delicious home cooked meal after a busy weekend. One of our girlfriends cooked us roasted chicken.
8. Capping the weekend off with a tablespoon of Breyers' Vanilla ice cream. Any more and my stomach would've hated me.

xoxo, amy.


Susan said...

I love jap chae!! Apparently, the noodles are made of sweet potato. Mmm...

Amy Kay said...

Hi Susan! Yes, that's probably why I love them so much; I can eat potato everyday. haha someone told me the other day that it was bean curd, but I thought it was potato too! I'm going to go with your answer because you are a foodie expert:)