Tuesday, November 9, 2010

these pants weren't made for walking

I've had these pants forever, and either I've shrunk or these pants grew longer. I am spoiled that way: being alittle taller than the average girl (I'm 5'7) I don't have to hem my pants alot. Time to search YouTube for 'hemming pants for dummies because seriously how do you not know how to hem pants by now'.

Wearing: Corset, pants, accessories: F21 | Blazer: Zara | Shoes: Nine West | Clutch: Spring

xoxo, amy.


Conbonz said...

You know I love wide legged pants! they look great on you! and I love love the shoes!

Anonymous said...
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Tamdee said...

those shoes are amazing, which makes it kinda sad that they r being hide underneath those pants. I think a pair of fitted trousers that end at your ankle will be much better in an over all look.

Amy Kay said...

@conbonz: thanks! i love the shoes too, although some people have told they thought otherwise! haha
@tamdee: i totally agree with you that these shoes need to be showed off! unfortunately, none of my other shoes fit with the pants as well as these. they would look awesome with trousers: definitely keeping your suggestion in mind for the next time i wear these babies! thanks:)


Kristy said...

w00t! You look so sexy yet authoritative!:) I wish I was a couple of inches taller. I hate hemming pants/jeans! >.< The clutch is gorgeous!