Saturday, November 27, 2010

just as long as your love don't change



How I wish I took a picture of the mini blizzard we had here in Vancouver a couple of days ago. I gave up on trying to take pictures outdoors and instead, resorted to an underground parkade. It's funny; as soon as a singular snowflake comes down, I (among some) freak out and wonder: should I call work and say it's too crazy out there and that I can't make it in? Should I just skip school? Should I cancel everything that has to do with walking out the front door? Yes, you laugh but the knee-slapper part is your employer, professor, and friends usually all understand. We are so weak, so weak ;)

This is what I wore out to a girlfriend's dinner yesterday. She just came back from a long trip to Asia. We celebrated her homecoming with yogurt soju, delicious Korean food, and hilarious topics of conversation.  In moments like that, I wish I had video clips and not just pictures.

Wearing: Cardigan: UB | Dress, socks, accessories: F21 | Tights: UO | Bag: H&M | Boots: Aldo

xoxo, amy.


nicole said...

Hi Amy! Thanks for your lovely comment - totally made my day. I'm slowly adjusting to the weather but it's slow going. I suppose the change is nice.. not! The crisp air is refreshing but it's definitely no Cabo sunshine that's for sure haha. Yum, it seems like everyone is having Korean food but me! I must change that.

Any way, I noticed you just recently started your blog so congrats and welcome to the blogging world! Great blog name too btw.

That mint green dress really complements your skin tone and hair colour. I love all the neutral accessories too. I have an odd weakness for cognac coloured leather. I also like how you layered ribbed over-the-knee socks with lace tights - it's all about the details!


BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

love the tights! and i yes, it's soo tough to take outdoor photos now!

hope you come visit me and follow my blog too if you liked it! thanks dear.


antfoo said...

Had a meeting at work today and they reviewed snow days. They stressed that it does not matter if there's 10mm or 10ft of snow, we still have to come in. They said: Better late than never.

The knee-slapper in my case is a face-slapper... :(

the broke runway said...

Oooh I love your cognac coloured boots! Now all I need is a nightcap to end off my

Amy Kay said...

@janelle: thanks! and am definitely coming to visit your blog after this:)

@antfoo: sorry to hear. on the bright side, better late than never means you can take your sweet time getting to work!

@thebrokerunway: haha you're so cute! mm..cognac..jk

xoxo, amy.