Wednesday, January 12, 2011

part of your world

During my cousin's visit from the east coast, I got the opportunity to play tourist in my own city and went to the Vancouver Aquarium. It's been a while since I've been there, but it was exactly as I remembered when I used to go there as kid Amy: exciting, educational, fun..I was in awe of all the things mammal and amphibian like living there. Also saw a fatass squirrel in the parking lot.

Highlights from the aquarium were:

A cutie porpoise named Daisy who every time saw your camera, would swim towards you and hover so you can take a picture of her.
The dolphins who put on a show for their audience.

Sea otter high-fiving my cousin.
Hatpin urchins who just looked so badass.
And in fashion related news:

Cheers to Elin Kling, the first fashion blogger to collaborate with H&M and launch a collection! How amazing is that?? 

Read article here:
Fashion blogger designs first collection for H&M
Thanks for the article, Cat!

Turtles who totally came into the picture after they saw the flash.
Wearing: Jacket: Talula | Off the shoulder shirt, studded boots, feather earrings: F21 | Woven belt, bag & bracelet: H&M | Cargo pants: Costa Blanca

xoxo, amy.


Tamdee said...

i see uni sashimi

the broke runway said...

Awwwwww Daisy is adorable! And I see that she loves taking pictures. Maybe she should start a fashion blog
Btw, you looked awesome on New Years as well! I gotta look for that dress at Forever 21 now. haha

Susan said...

Aw, those hatpin urchin reminds me of the dust bunnies in "My Neighbour Totoro". Very cool!

nicole said...

Daisy is so cute! I love that she does that. and the sea otter with your cousin, even cuter. I haven't been to the aquarium in ages! but it's always nice to go back once awhile to reminisce over childhood memories.

Love the outfit! I'm wearing the exact same pair of cargo pants in my most recent post haha, those were dirt cheap and I love that ppl mistake them for the J Brand ones lol