Wednesday, January 12, 2011

recap of the last week

1 & 2: Catching up with one of my girls at English Bay. Oh yes, we are extremely lucky to have this as our city's backyard.
3: Snacking on some matcha ice cream slushie, red bean slushie and butter and condensed milk toast at Bubble World in Burnaby, BC.
4: Enjoying the company of a rainbow during a trip downtown.
5. The lobster course at Dai Tung for a newborn's one month birthday. Although the lobster looked delicious, I did not touch it, simply because I was and am too freaking lazy to pick out the meat. (holy I am a princess)
6. The droolworthy blue ocean roll at Akasaka in Surrey, BC. A highly recommended Japanese/Korean restaurant. (no really..yelp it)
7. No girls night is complete without some fun makeup: MAC lip pencil in Magenta and lipstick in Girl About Town.
8. BFF's birthday: Partying like a rockstar at Mirage nightclub in Surrey, BC.

It seems I forgot to ask you all in the last post what all your new year's resolutions are! For those who are curious, mine is simply 'no regrets'.

And judging from the pictures above, clearly it was not to lose weight. Damnit.

Outfit post on the way!

xoxo, amy.


Keturah said...

I have the same lipstick and matching lipliner =)

Larissa said...

mmmm all the delicious food is making me drool! losing weight is my resolution every year.. but every year it only last for the first 2 weeks. haha.

nicole said...

lol "no regrets" when it comes to food, that's hilarious. I can relate though. It def conflicts with my new year's resolution to get into shape but what are you gonna do? haha

Will def have to try Akasaka sometime, I'm all about Japanese/Korean food. Love the photos of English Bay and the Downtown rainbow!