Monday, January 9, 2012

call me maybe

[Wearing: Jeans, Shirt, Boots: F21 | Accessories: F21, H&M, Michael Kors | Nail polish: OPI's Ink.]

Happy New Year loves!! I hope everyone had a good holiday and gained 3+ lbs like I did! (to those who have metabolism; screw you :*(
Last year, I thought I had a pretty good resolution (2011 tagline: f*ck it, let's do it.) It served me well and I have no complaints. In short, it was a year of change for me.  :)
What are my resolutions for this year? Pretty typical, but: be more healthy (this is vague, so in specific: drink abit less, be more food/health conscious) and get back to blogging. (I want to add to this list, but I have a feeling it'll turn into a bucket list. So one thing at a time..)
So here I am. And I ran 6km today. But now I have a blister on my foot. So I nursed the pain with a slice of pizza. #fail
Can you guys tell me what your New Year resolutions are??

xo, amy.

Thanks for helping me take these pictures Kev!


Anonymous said...

Love the rockstar look!


Anonymous said...

It doesn't count if ur chugging a beer while ur running!!!.....or does it?....haha

-dru. I mean 'anonymous' =D

Anne said...

Your blog is very nice and full of inspiring pictures ♥
I follow you right know!
Do you want to take a look on my blog too?


lauren said...

Love that nail color!


Milly said...

Glad to see that you're upkeeping your blog too!!!
and 3lbs!?!?!? Where!!??