Tuesday, March 27, 2012

hot pants

My pleased face.

Hello lovelies. Had to jump on the coloured jeans trend! This one was easy though; I've always had a thing for salmon/coral. This looks especially good on tanned skin!...I'm not tanned. 
My favourite part of these jeans are the zipper pockets in the back, which of course, I didn't show; boo.
Naturally, with the sun shining all weekend, I pretended to play summer; I ran, played some sports, bladed, drank beverages, and wore sandals. What a smart move because as soon as these pictures were taken, the sun went down, and I froze my piggies off sitting on the patio at the Burrard Bridge Bar on Beach Avenue sipping on my beer, while trying to look cool. It was so cold, I had to order more alcohol. I know; what bad luck. Btw, the Portabello mushroom burger is O-somme. Hope everyone is having an inspiring week.

xo, amy.

Clutch, earrings, tank, sandals: H&M | Jeans: F21 | Rings: F21 & Ardene | Watch: Michael Kors | Cardigan: Costa Blanca | Jacket: Zara

On another note: I need to update the look of my blog! Wallpaper full of puppies? Suggestions?

Another another note: I am the worst run on sentence writer eveR.

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Anonymous said...

May I suggest dinosaurs as a wall paper??? DINOS FTW!

- u know who this is :D