Monday, December 13, 2010

hello world

Contrary to rumours (No just kidding. I am not popular enough to have people spread rumours about me. Yay and also sad face.), I am still alive. Finals are fast approaching, therefore there have been short, sweet and nonexistent posts until exams are all done. And believe me, I am counting down the hours. I miss you all and will be back shortly!

In the meantime, a few more pics from weheartit :)



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Listening to: Simple Things (Usher)

xoxo, amy.


Kaleido Mind said...

hahah the first image is cute;)

nicole said...

i'm glad i kept the tulle skirt too! the mesh maxi would have been fun but, i already have a black maxi so that would've been redundant. thanks so much for your comments! you're too kind :)

love the photos you've posted, esp the first one because i saved that photo on my computer haha. the christmas-y photos are nice too. christmas is coming way too fast and it doesn't even feel like christmas.

btw, delz told me that you're a pisces too - no wonder we get along so well haha

♔Reyna♔ said...

Yay! new post soon! lol. Actually just found ur blog and have been looking around and I love it! You got urself a new follower! If you get the chance pass by my fashion blog and say hi!